Photos in green of Rathbone, Price & Lorre, gloomy mansion at top, girl with candle and inset melting face and lovers walled up.
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Tales of Terror (1962) US 1 Sheet Poster

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Three stories by Edgar Allan Poe, Morella, The Black Cat and The Case of M. Valdemar are brought to life by screewriter Richard Matheson and director Roger Corman's stock company, wherein Vincent Price has the distinction of being killed in each episode. In the climax to the Morella episode, Corman reused (again!) his fiery footage from House of Usher (1960), and introduced some welcome humour in The Black Cat, which Lorre and Price played with evident enjoyment. In the States, Tales of Terror went out on a double with the superior Burn Witch, Burn (1962), whereas in the UK it wasn't released until 1963 on a double bill with Panic in the Year Zero (1962).

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Cast: Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Basil Rathbone, Joyce Jameson, Debra Paget, Leona Gage