Shattered glass at top reveals reflections of screaming girls - below, doorway reveals male silhouette with knife.
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Terror (1978) US 1/2 Sheet Poster

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Norman J Warren's tribute to Suspira (1977), with a story from Les and Moira Young (Les also shot it) and a screenplay from the key writer of the period, David McGillivray. Supernatural murders follow the hypnotism of an actress at the home of James Garrick. He believes his ancestors were cursed by a witch at her death, a curse which appears to have been reawakened. It's a fine UK attempt to create a horror film with no narrative coherence - particularly since many of the victims have nothing to do with the Garrick family.

It's never been admitted, but Dario Argento seems to have returned the compliment in his 1980 Inferno, with a 'sliding glass pane in the window' death, that upped the ante Italian-style.

Critic Alan Jones described it as 'one of the last great British horror independents', but then he did appear as one of the opening party guests.

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Cast: John Nolan, Carolyn Courage, James Aubrey, Glynis Barber, Michael Craze, Tricia Walsh, Peter Mayhew, Milton Reid.