On green, lattice pattern covers two photos of woman angled back to back.
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Widowhood of Karolina Žašler (1976) Yugoslavian Medium Insert Poster

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Milena Zupančič gives a tragi-comedic masterclass as a widow yearning for children. In taking up with a young man who subsequently commits suicide, she desperately begins to find new partners, while attracting the disapproval of her staid neighbours in a rural Yugoslavia coming to terms with the modern world. 

Zupančič's major roles were Widowhood and Blossoms in AutumnCvetje v jeseni (1973) both directed by Matjaž Klopčič, and both dealing with the encroachment of the modern world on centuries-old traditions and societies.

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Cast: Miranda Caharija, Zlato Sugman, Marjeta Gregorac, Milena Muhic